I know I said I was moving to thisisnthollywood.com - but I was too cheap to pay for the hosting and lost that shortly afterward.  I now own thinksojoe.com and will be starting to post there shortly, but it had just occurred to me that I thought I set up this site to auto-post to Twitter when I post, and if that's the case I need to make sure that the functionality follows me over to my new blog.  That's the entire point of this post.  Thanks! 

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Working hard. Or hardly working.

I finally stopped playing Wheel of Fortune and The Price Is Right on Facebook long enough to start doing a bit of web design.  I decided it's time to do something with thisisnthollywood.com, since I own it and like the domain.  And what I decided is that after two years, I'm going to close this blog and move it over there.  So after I finally get around to launching thisisnthollywood.com, that's going to become my new "official website."

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This is ridiculous.

Some people take themselves way too seriously.  

They've got their heads planted firmly into their own asses.  

That is all. 

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Strap in, hang on...

 Holy shit.  Just looked at a calendar, and I've realized that this next 28 days is going to be one hell of a ride.  We're booked for five  shows this month around WNY, including tonight with Smile Empty Soul and the 27th with a set of four national metal bands.  We'll be in our hometown of Niagara Falls on the 13th with close friends of ours, we'll be paying homage to the late, great Dimebag Darrell for charity once again on the 20th, and returning to Club Diablo on the 28th.

Ah, Club Diablo.  The shit that Jorge and I have gone through since the last time we set foot in that building is remarkable.  We sat around for nearly a year and a half wondering when we'd get back on stage.  We lost two members to family commitments.  We auditioned guys who are incredibly talented musicians that wanted to try to play exactly like it sounds on our recordings, much to our dismay.  We had friends fill in and then bail while on the search for new bandmates.  We've dealt with acoustic band practices while searching for a drummer.  We finally gotten all of the pieces in place, and we finally got back on the stage after nearly two years.  Now we're returning to the place where it all nearly ended, better and stronger than ever before.

That's not the show I'm looking forward to the most, however.  No, that one is tonight's show with Smile Empty Soul.  I said a few weeks ago that I used to sing their song "Silhouettes" to my daughter to lull her to sleep.  To finally be able to say "I played a show with a national act" is awe inspiring, because in just four short months, this lineup of thinksobrain has risen to a level that the previous incarnation never got to see.  Where's the limit?  There isn't one.

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Well, this is it. Tomorrow is a turning point for thinksobrain. our first show with a national act. To say that we're excited is an understatement. Hoping everything goes well - and that this post turns out ok since I'm using my mobile phone to post it.

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